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What is the Wigglebutt Walk?????

It’s a day filled with fun, food and lots of Cocker Spaniels.  Most important, it’s a FUNdraiser so Shorewood volunteers can take in,
treat and find just the RIGHT forever homes for Cockers.  Just look at our happy faces. 




More specifically:

The Wigglebutt Walk is a celebration of life, a day when people from all walks of life come together to show that they can make a difference in this world. A day when you gaze at a hundred or so of wagging tails you realize that without  the support of volunteers, sponsors & caring dog lovers you would be looking at an empty park. A day of fun & games, where Cockers of all shapes & sizes can strut their stuff, be it showing their loving personality in the games, or going back to their hunting instincts on the lure course.

There is nothing greater than watching 100+ Cockers on parade & thinking that yes, you can make a difference.

Wigglebutt is a day that through the donations of kind people, allows the rescues to carry on the work that is essential to helping  those stranded souls that otherwise would be lost.  A day that sadly,  just raises a portion of the funds necessary to carry on the good works of our tireless volunteers. Transporting,  medical needs, grooming, training, feeding, giving them a temporary loving home, these are things that the rescues are about.



This event has allowed Shorewood Cocker Rescue to help hundreds of cockers over the years.

Once a Cocker arrives we have them examined by a vet, updated on vaccines, tested for heartworm and spayed or neutered. Unfortunately most of the Cockers have not been cared for before coming to us and arrive with issues.  Once the problem is identified Shorewood treats the illness or condition as recommended.  Each year numerous surgeries are done and surgery costs are increasing tremendously. Other health issues require medication often administered several times a day. With the help of our volunteers, donations and money raised at the Wigglebutt Walk we are able to continue this care and place heathy cockers into deserving homes.

Again we will be joined by our good friends from Illinois and Wisconsin Cocker Rescue. Please come out and support the Wigglebutt Walk so Shorewood Cocker Rescue can continue its’ work

Wigglebutt Walk ONLY