Wigglebutt Walk 2009
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The Wigglebutt Walk is many things. It's a day of fundraising for Shorewood Cocker Rescue, Wisconsin Cocker Rescue and Illinois Cocker Rescue. It's a day concentrating on Fun for the Dogs and for their owners as well. A chance for Cocker owners to meet so many others who also love Cockers. It's also a day of Reunions: Alumni reuniting with other dogs they may have been in rescue with and Alumni reuniting with their foster parents.

This year we had a very special reunion. SCR's Amelia (Lola081) attended last year's walk with her beautiful litter of 8 week old puppies -- Carson, Lily, Haley and Collin, as coming attractions, as none of them were quite ready for adoption yet. This year Amelia was reunited with two of her puppies -- Lily and Collin.

Lily081, Momma -- Amelia (Lola081) and Collin081 reunited.

Lily getting reacquainted with her brother, Collin.

Contest Photos

Group competing for Longest Tail.

Winner of Longest Tail
Geo Perrotto of Janesville, WI

2nd Place for Longest Tail
Dandy Raether of De Forest, WI

Shana Ace not so sure about this tail measuring stuff

"What I don't go through to try to win a prize!"

Winner Shortest Tail
Jefferson Kramschuster of Franklin, WI

2nd Place Shortest Tail
Amelia Day of Chicago, IL

Some of the competitors for Best Wiggle

More of the competitors for Best Wiggle

Finalists for Best Wiggle

Winner Best Wiggle
Scooter Hayer of Shorewood, WI

2nd Place Best Wiggle
Beej Pavelski of Antioch, IL

Some of the competitors for Best Obedience

More of the competitors for Best Obedience

Winner Best Obedience
Whinny Tucker of Delavan, WI

Winner Owner Dog Look Alike
Riley Svatos with his boy AJ of Orland Park, IL

2nd Place Owner/Dog Look Alike
Ruby Tuesday Marciniak with her mom, Cyndee

Winner Best Dressed/Best Costume
Striker091 (SCR Adoptable)
Dressed as an Amish Man

2nd Place Best Dressed/Best Costume
Annie Pearson of Cottage Grove, WI
Dressed as a Pirate

3rd Place Best Dressed/Best Costume
LuLu Weindorfer of Mokena, IL
Dressed as a Flower Child

4th Place Best Dressed/Best Costume
Gladys Raether of De Forest, WI
Dressed as an Amish Girl

Honorable Mention
Reeses and Parker Henricks of Crystal Lake, IL
Dressed as Dark Knight and Joker

Jayce, Riley, Mickey and Trinket Kent of Janesville, WI
(Competing as Best Dressed)