Wigglebutt Walk 2009
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The Walk

Cockers, Non-Cockers, and their families gathering from all directions in the park to form a line to start the Walk.

The cockers in vests are adoptables from our Adoption Center.

Let the Walk Begin

SCR's Lynette Raether and Clifford, the big Red Dog (Alex Turnquist) leading the way.

Heading out of this area of the Park, through the Parking lot and into the beautiful wooded area of the Park.

Only part of the long line of dogs and their people stretching all the way across the parking lot.

The Rest Stop

Water for the humans and Water and Frosty Paws for all the pooches.

Sitting so pretty for my frosty paw.

SCR Alumni, Mabel071, enjoying her frosty paw.

Ohhh so Yummy!!

SCR Volunteer, Jan Hergesheimer getting bottles of water for the humans

Time for a drink of water.

Always time for a belly rub.

Time to start back.