Wigglebutt Walk 2008
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It's all about the Dogs and being a fun day for them.

Area used for the Instinct Testing and later used for Lure Coursing.

Foster Mom, Elaine Z. participating in the Instinct Testing.

Another participant for the Instinct Testing.

Waiting so patiently for their turns to test their natural instincts.

Finally... Time for the Lure Course.

The dogs attending love running the lure course.

Watching the other pooches run the course while waiting for their turns.
Contest Winners

Winner Best Obedience: Mollie (WCR) and her mom, Kaye Bennett

2nd Place Best Obedience: Libby (Friends of WCR) with her mom Lisa Campbell.

Winner Best Wiggle: Scooter (SCR) with his mom, Nancy Hayer.

2nd Place Best Wiggle: Buddy (SCR) with his dad, Steve Turnquist.

Winner Best Costume: Angel (SCR)

Angel's hobo costume

2nd Place Best Costume: Otis

Winner Shortest Tail: Murphy (SCR)with his dad, Barry Gilsdorf

Winner Longest Tail: Maisy (SCR) with mom Rachel Reimer.

2nd Place Longest Tail: Madison (Orphans of the Storm) with mom, Judy Kasten.

Winner Owner Dog Look Alike: Jeremy Charles and Hurley

2nd Place Owner Dog Look Alike: Dandy Raether (SCR) with his uncle, Leon Kristal.

Most in Pledges: Rita Nobel (ICR)

Traveled the Furthest: Sinclair Family (ICR) who attended from Riudoso N.M.
More Photos from the Contest Area

Finalists for Best Wiggle Contest line up.

The judges, Danielle, Kathy and Lynette, comtemplating their decision.

Judging in the Obedience Contest.

Reeses and Parker Henricks competing for best costume as the T Birds.