Wigglebutt Walk 2007
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Foster Homes are ALWAYS our Greatest Need!!

We all are frequently asked how we can have our fosters in our homes and treat them as if they were our own and then give them up. I'm going to tell you a secret... We love our Fosters, get so very attached to them and it's not easy for us to let them go! Why do we do it? Just take a look at the photos directly following. We place these dogs that take with them a big piece of our hearts in wonderful homes so that we can take on other Cockers who needs us NOW as much as they once did.

I can not begin to tell you, how good it makes you feel inside when you see your previous fosters again and see how happy they are in the homes that YOU put them in. We do make a difference and in so many cases.. We literally save these awesome dog's lives.

Please consider fostering... We really do need YOU.

Just Some of Our Current Foster Parents

Babe061 at this year's Walk.

Foster Mom, Jan H.,reunited with former foster, Simba, at this year's Walk.

Foster Dad, Pat G., reunited with former foster, Parker, at the Walk.

Pecos071 with his family at the Walk.

Who Made Our Day Wonderful??

Dawn, Lisa, Cady, Whitney, Casey, Abby

Charlene071 and Sandy taking a much needed break

Hope you enjoyed the Photos for Wigglebutt Walk 2007.

Hope to see you at Wigglebutt Walk 2008!!

Thank You All!!!