Wigglebutt Walk 2007
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Our Fourth Annual Wigglebutt Walk was held on September 8th at Brighton Dale Park in Kansasville, WI. It was a huge success thanks to your support!! 149 Cockers from 7 States -- Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin -- walked with their families to raise money for Shorewood Cocker Rescue, Wisconsin Cocker Rescue and Illinois Cocker Rescue. The weather was absolutely perfect! The day's activities featured the Wigglebutt Walk Ė the path this year being altered due to a bumper crop of mosquitoes resulting from all the rain received last month through out the Midwest. What a truly awesome sight to see so many Cockers of all colors doing their part to help other Cockers in Rescue. Other Activities included a huge Silent Auction, Raffles, Lure Coursing, Contests and Games for your Cockers, Refreshments and a Bake Sale. Marge Hudson of Wetnoze Photography was there offering professional photos of your dogs or the entire family. Many of our Adoptables attended the event as well as some of our "Coming Attractions" (dogs very new to rescue who werenít quite ready for adoption yet). Baxter071, Berkley071 and Shana071 found their forever homes.

Itís always such a pleasure to see so many of former fosters again and to see just how fabulously they are doing in their forever homes. Itís just as wonderful to be able to talk to their families who dearly love them.

We sincerely want to thank everyone who attended this event and made this such a wonderful day for us all! We want to extend a very special Thank You to so many Family Members and wonderful Friends of some of our Volunteers who consistently pitch right and do so much to help make our Big Day such a Success! Thank You John and Angela, Susan, Elizabeth, Deb, Barb, Jeanette, Leon and Danielle. Vince, neighbor to Donna Pfingsten, our treasurer, was there again this year and did so much to help us all out. Youíre a very special young man Vince and we do appreciate all your help! Thank You so much Ray Pawlowski! Ray is Jodine Nitz, our newsletter editorís, brother and he not only helped in our refreshment area this year but also obtained food donations for us. Last but far from least, a huge THANK YOU to all of our Volunteers who put so much into making this such a Awesome Event! All of your efforts are noticed and so very much appreciated!

Wigglebutt Walk 2007 is now just a wonderful memory and weíre already looking forward to Wigglebutt Walk 2008! Hope to see you all there!!

Wigglebutt Walk 2008 will be held on September 6th. So mark your calendars!

Photos for 2007

Steve T. acted as our Emcee for the day.

Randy and Jodine N. acted as the event photographers.
Their son, Adam, was their adorable little helper.

Jenifer P. and Deb A. setting up the Walk Registration area.

Angie R. and Travis Y. getting ready to work the Food Ticket Sale Table.

John cooking on the grill.

Vince and Donna P. in the Food Service Area.

Roberta K. and Steve P. working in the Food Service Area

Ray P. checking on food items.

mmmmmmmm.. so many yummy baked items to choose from at the Bake Sale.

Jeanette M., Sharon W. and Barb A. waiting to bag up all those goodies.

Donna R. and Elizabeth S. working our Merchandising area.

The human's favorite area.. The Silent Auction.

Let the shopping begin!!

So much to choose from... What's a gal to do?


Lynne -- Karen and Lynne worked so hard to put all these fabulous items together.

Raffle Items

Angela busy selling raffle tickets.

What it's all about -- Our Adoption Center

Deb K., Patti O. and Linda S. manning the Adoption Center

Molly071 attending the event as one of our Coming Attractions
(Dogs very new to rescue who were't quite ready for adoption that day)

Trinket071 with her foster brother, Dickens

Berkley071 was adopted at the Wigglebutt Walk.
This is his new Mom.

Shana071 was also adopted at the Wigglebutt Walk.
This is Shana with her new family.

The DJ who provided the music for our listening pleasure

Wetnoze Photography was at the Walk offering professional pet and family photos.