Wigglebutt Walk 2006
Photo Gallery


The Third Annual Wigglebutt Walk on September 9th was a great success thanks to your support!!  Over 100 Cocker Spaniels walked with their families to raise money for Shorewood Cocker Rescue, Wisconsin Cocker Rescue and Illinois Cocker Rescue.  The day's activities included the Wigglebutt Walk on a scenic path at Brighton Dale Park, a Silent Auction featuring many Cocker themed items, raffles, lure coursing, competitions and games for your Cocker including best wiggle, shortest and longest tail, best costume and owner/dog look alike contests, refreshments and so much more. 

How sweet is this??? 6 year old Courtney (whose neighbor, Betty Grogan, is an SCR volunteer) loves dogs and wanted to do something to help them. So even though she doesn't have a dog but believes in our cause, Courtney raised $100 to help our dogs! We also have a very special young man we'd like to recognize. Vince is a neighbor to Donna Pfingsten, our treasurer. He attended the walk again this year and once again really pitched in to help us all out.

Way to go Courtney and Vince. We very much appreciate your help!!!

While Wigglebutt Walk 2006 is now just a fun-filled memory. We sincerely want to thank everyone who attended and made this such a wonderful day! Itís absolutely awesome to see so many of our former fosters and more so, to see just how happy they are now. Itís fabulous to see the people responsible for making them so happy again as well. We also want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our Volunteers who put so much into making this such a Great Event! All of your efforts are noticed and very much appreciated! Last but far from least, we want to thank Family Members and wonderful Friends of some of our Volunteers who pitch right and do so much to help make our Big Day a Success! Already looking forward to Wigglebutt Walk 2007!!! We so hope to see you there!

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On to the Photos

This is what it's all about for us! Our Adoption Center featuring some of the dogs currently available for adoption on our website, hoping that they'll find their forever homes.

Adoptables Poster.

Sonny and Cher checking the crowd, looking for their new families.

Waiting so patiently and hoping to catch someone's eye and then capture their heart.

Lena found her new family with previous SCR adopters Carolyn, Eric and Rod and gained a new sister, Heidi031. Congratulations Sweet Lena!!

Sundae also found her forever home with previous SCR adopters. Pete061 has a new sister.
Congratulations Sundae!!

The favorite area for the humans. Our Silent Auction.

So many items, that they had to be displayed outside the canopy as well.

Karen getting all the bidding sheets in place

Choices... Choices...

Seems like the Humans aren't the only ones interested in the great silent auction items. Frizzbee checking out the items to place his bid.

"Check out the raffle items in the screen tent."

Our Merchandising area where a wide variety of itmes, including many different types of Cocker shirts were sold to help raise funds for all our wigglebutts.

Vince and Steve working in the food area

Patti working in the food area

Sharon and Marion working the Bake Sale

So many yummy items to pick from!

The DJ who provided all the great music for us to enjoy.

The Lure Course... Definitely the Pooche's very favorite thing.

Thanking the man who runs the lure course.

Is it our turn yet?