Considering Males vs. Females

The following is some information on the differences between males and females, and more importantly some of the other factors you should focus on such as activity level, temperament and personality. We highly encourage adopters to look beyond gender.

Obviously there are physical differences between males and females. Usually males will be larger in stature than females, but this is not always the case. Regarding male vs. female traits, we have found that spaying and neutering (which is our standard procedure) minimizes many of the differences between them.

Now as far as attitudes go both males and females are very loving and always ready to please, just as a Cocker Spaniel should be. :) It's debatable if there are differences in their demeanors. Some people think that males are much more affectionate and loving, and less moody and prone to emotional swings. Some of our volunteers have found males to be more playful, and for females to be more of the "boss" or "queen" of the household. But again each dog is very different, and it is hard to generalize.

The differences that you see should not be based on the gender, male or female. The differences that you should be looking at should be based on the personality of the dog, would he or she fit into your lifestyle, what is the dog's activity level, is he or she good with other pets, does the dog have special needs you can fulfill, etc.

These are just a few thoughts on the subject and if you had your mind set only on one or the other, hopefully this has opened your eyes that both are worth considering. Keep an open mind when selecting your Cocker, donít close the door on a dog because of preconceived notions of its gender, because you may be missing out on the best companion that you could have ever had. Either way you go, male or female, if it is a Cocker Spaniel you canít go wrong. Just keep in mind every dog, male or female has itís own personality and is unique in every way. Every rescue dog has a different personality. Our volunteers and foster families spend many, many hours each week assessing their personalities, writing the profiles you see listed on the site and working on any training needs. :)

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