Shady is a 9-year-old male who came to us from a Missouri shelter. We received numerous e-mails and phone calls from the shelter staff begging us to take him. It was a high kill shelter and Shady didnít have a lot of options. He was surrendered because his previous owner had a new baby and he was just too much bother. Anyone who has met Shady canít believe that anyone would do such a heartless thing to such a wonderful dog. When Shady arrived he had lost a lot of hair. The owner claimed that he always lost hair in the summertime. We immediately checked his thyroid and found that he needed to be put on thyroid meds. (These are very inexpensive.) Of course the hair is now growing back. He is housetrained and there is really no need to crate him. Shady has an adorable habit of always carrying a toy in his mouth. When taking a treat, he will drop his toy in your hand, take the treat and then take his toy back again. Shady is a great dog and is just a pleasure to be around.

Update from Shady's Foster Mom: Shady has been with me for a several weeks now. He has a lot of energy for a 9-year-old dog and loves to run in the yard and follow the scent of the squirrels. He is learning to walk on a leash but his prey instinct kicks in when he spots a squirrel so I use a harness on him and hold on tight. He is a very sweet dog who was a little shy at first but now his favorite spot is laying across the back of the couch with his toy in his mouth watching passersby. Shady is a little shy of men and loud voices seem to put him on edge. He loves to ride in the car and does very well in it. At night Shady would go under my bed but I have encouraged him to come on the bed so that is where he sleeps now. He curls in a little ball and sleeps thru the night. Of course, he has to have his sutffed toy in his mouth. He gets along well with the other dogs in the house and while he will chase my cats, he doesn't do them any harm. He would do well in a home with a large yard or someone who walks him daily because he does have a lot of energy. I can't imagine how anyone could have given a dog like this up. He is a sweetheart and deserves a good life.