Rosie is a 4 year-old female that came to Shorewood from a commercial breeder in Wisconsin. Rosie is a timid girl who has come a long way and will continue to grow and blossom in a calm, patient, loving, and positive environment. Although timid, Rosie has a very sweet nature about her. Rosie knows her name and we ask that her forever home not change it.

Rosie is crate trained and will stay there all night without a sound but would prefer not to be crated. Her housetraining is nearly complete and she does well when she is kept to a schedule. Rosie gets along well with other dogs but is people shy until she gets to know you then she is devoted to her human (she is a licker) and wants all of the attention. Rosie is quite shy around men and bonds more easily with women. She would likely do best with a woman as her primary caretaker.

Rosie is now beginning to play with toys. She has an interest in chew toys (as long as they donít squeak) and is starting to chase balls. Her favorite pastime is to take each toy out of the toybox until she has them all collected by her. She knows how to sit and does so easily when she knows a treat is coming. Rosie goes on a walk at least twice a day to the park and has recently become very interested in squirrels, birds and the like and so will need some training on the leash. She is easily startled by loud noises and wary of new environments so she would do well with some training to help her re-focus as well as for confidence building in herself and her people.

Due to Rosieís timid nature she MUST go to a home with a securely fenced in yard of wood, chain link, or vinyl construction (NO invisible/underground fences). Homes that do not meet this criteria will NOT be considered. She is a dog that would thrive in a home with at least 1 other dog.

Rosieís foster mom has enjoyed working with her and is so rewarded every day by the progress she is making. Rosie has such a sweet nature with much love to give. Rosie is just looking for a forever home that will help work with her on her shyness and people socializing skills.