Buddy is a 2-year-old, black and tan male. He was surrendered to a Humane Society when the family became homeless. He had been the only dog and Buddy has had to make some attitude adjustments. He is getting along better with the other dogs in his foster home but would be "best placed as an only dog". He has had some obedience training and we are recommending that his new owners take him to an obedience class to promote bonding and establish a good owner/dog relationship. Buddy has a fenced in yard in his foster home and we are strongly recommend a securly fenced yard for him in his new home. We feel that if he ever got loose, he would be chasing cars.

He really is a sweet dog, likes people, and knows that his foster mom is "the boss". He is crate trained. Buddy does have dry eye in his right eye and will require eye meds twice a day.