Babe is a very spunky 8-year-old girl who came to rescue when her beloved owner died and her owner's daughter thought she was just too high maintenance. Babe is a tiny thing at only 19 pounds, which is a good weight for her small frame. Although she would like to be a counter surfer, her size prohibits it. She is completely housetrained. At night, she will sleep in your bed or on her own bed. She will even crawl into a crate at night. As with many other Cockers, her ears are prone to infection, therefore a high quality food is required and her ears must be cleaned on a regular basis. Babe adjusted very quickly to the other dogs in the home, but is slower to trust and warm up to humans. But she is quite the playful girl once she adjusts to you. She does bark at strangers and other dogs, and will bark when she gets excited. She knows the sit, stay, and shake commands as well as the word "off".