Rollie [ADOPTED AUGUST 21] is a wonderful and very sweet 3-year-old boy who came to us from an Animal Control Facility after being picked up as a stray. He came to us as a very thin, wildchild. His foster home has changed all of that for him. He now had a family willing to work with him so he could develop some manners and become the obedient boy that he is today. Rollie is an extremely smart boy with a high desire to please. He is very food motivated and because he has known what being very hungry is, he is a bit food possessed. In record time, he can remove the lid to rubbermaid tote boxes to get to his food inside. He will counter surf if some kind of food is close enough to the edge where he thinks he can grab it quick. He has also been known to get into the garbage if some real tempting food item is inside. Raw potatoes are an item that he values as a treasure so will help himself to them if given a chance. He does respond to and backs off if a firm "NO" is given. He is not food posessive with other animals or with people and doesn't have a problem if other animals get right next to him when he's eating.

Rollie is a very friendly boy with everyone and everything. He's been really good with any other dog that he's been around, with cats and even with guinea pigs. He's a very adaptable boy and quickly adjusts to changes presented to him. Rollie is an affectionate boy who seeks out attention and loves getting attention and luvin, but isn't the type of boy to want to be on your lap all the time. He prefers to lay next to you or at your feet. He is housetrained and crate trained. He sleeps quietly in his crate at night but has also been fine with free roam at night. He does like bones to chew on, balls to play with (is retrieving them now) and also likes playing with squeaky toys. This boy does have quality breeding behind him and has a gorgeous male Cocker head.

Rollie is looking for a forever family who will continue working with him on basic obedience and one who will understand why food is so highly valued with him. Won't tempt him with unattended food items on edge of counters or on tables and will store his food and treasured potatoes in a way that he can't just remove the lid to get to them. He truly wants to be a good boy!