Quinn [ADOPTED MAY 2] is a 5-year-old, sable male who was surrendered to rescue by his former family who had him since puppyhood. They were unable to keep him due to a lack of money in the home. Quinn was completely matted and had to be shaved down. When his coat comes back in he will be even more handsome than he is now. Quinn is quite thin and his foster family is working on putting some meat back on his bones. Quinn has been very loving and friendly with everyone in his foster home. He gets along very well with his female foster sister, Amy.

Quinn loves to play with balls and will bring it back to you to throw again, and again, and again. He also likes toys and will run through the house with Amy playing "catch me if you can". Quinn is housetrained and hates being crated. He's not being crated in his foster home as there's just no need for him to be crated. When first arriving at his foster home, he escaped twice out the front door when someone was coming in or going out. His foster home immediately began training him to stay away from the door when they were going out the door. He is a fast learner and we have not had any trouble since. His new home will have to be aware of him when opening and closing door so he does not escape. We are requring a home with a fenced in yard for Quinn. His foster home is also working with him on walking on lead and he will need continued work with that in his forever home. He has been a joy to get to know and his foster family thinks he is quite a keeper. According to the surrender form, he likes cats but his foster home does not have cats.