Mickey [ADOPTED AUGUST 28] is but a pup (DOB 2/27/10). He's tri-colored and came to us from a breeding facility. He is a little shy around people he doesn’t know, but warms up pretty fast, especially if you have food. He likes to play with all kinds of toys and chew on nylabones, kongs, and anything else he can get hold of as he is currently teething. Because of this, he will need plenty of safe things to chew on, supervision & patience, as well as rules to follow. He loves to sit in your lap and either sleep, give kisses or chew on your hands.

Mickey is crate trained, is working on his housetraining and is doing very well, but does occasionally have an accident. He does know how to use a doggy door and will go outside when he has to. Mickey is a fast learner and very food motivated. He has already learned to sit, lie down, knows off and working on leave-it and stay. He learned how to use the stairs to my bed by watching my Cocker use them once. He also likes to chew on ice cubes he has pulled out of the water bowl, which he learned by watching my boys do it.

Mickey is not crated at night as he likes to sleep on the pillow on the other side of the bed and will snuggle in the morning before you get up. Mickey would love another dog to play with, but the other dog cannot be dominant as Mickey will try to take things from them. He is currently in a puppy obedience class and goes to a puppy playgroup once a week.