May [ADOPTED JANUARY 30] is a 5-year-old female who came into rescue with June. She was also shaved down to the skin. She is a big Cocker with tremendous energy. She is crate trained and appears to be housetrained. She just had a dental and had a cherry eye repaired, so she feels she is ready to go on with the rest of her life.

Update from May's Foster Mom: May has adapted well to her foster home. She is very lovable, happy, and energetic, and follows our routines nicely. She is house trained, and crate trained (though she probably does not require to be crated).

She comes when called most of the time, and responds well to "sit", "down", and "no" commands regularly. We are working on the sit thing, since she tends to sit and immediately lie on her back to have her tummy rubbed.

May loves to play with balls, rope toys, and hard bones. She is not given soft, chewable toys, as she loves to chew them until all the stuffing/squeakers are out. Her chewing has been limited to appropriate items given. She enjoys chew sticks and rawhide bones. She gets along well with other dogs but not with cats.