Lady Di

Lady Di [ADOPTED AUGUST 14] is a 2-year-old, silver buff female that came to us from a shelter in Illinois. She is a very sweet dog who loves attention and will sit on your lap to be petted and sleep. She prefers your lap to the floor or her bed. She is just learning to play with toys. She also loves her chews and will sit for quite awhile happily chewing on them. Her new home will have to make sure to put the kitchen chairs in or she will take whatever is on the table. Except for her one vice, she is a very good dog. She gets along with the dogs in her foster home and is curious about the cats. She is crate trained and housetrained. She sleeps in her crate at night with no problem. She loves to be outside to run in the yard and chase the birds and squirrels. If you're looking for lap dog, Lady Di is the dog for you.