Duffy [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 11] is a one-year-old male who was surrendered to the shelter because “he kept running away”. Although we do not make a habit of changing a dog’s name in his case we did. We felt he might have been embarrassed by the name Fluffy. We feel that Duffy is not a pure bred Cocker but rather a Cock-a-poo.

Duffy is extremely thin at 18 pounds. Right now he needs to gain some weight and grow into his body.

He is all puppy and will just love you to death. Duffy gets along well with everyone.

Duffy is crate trained and is working on his housetraining. He is very responsive and really wants to please. He must love his new name because he always comes when called.

Update from Duffy's foster mom: Duffy is still very much an adolescent pup. He has responded very well to attention. He loves to romp in the back yard and gets very excited when the neighbor dogs come out, he really wants to get through the fence to play with them.

He loves his crate. We keep it open in the kitchen with blankets. And he uses it to hide his favorite toys. I have only been crating him when I leave the house for a few hours as he loves to sleep on the bed with us or on the sofa. He is just fine with his house training. We only had a couple of incidents just before Christmas and that was because of the snow/ice and then rain that turned the back yard into a swimming pool. I did end up walking all of the dogs on a leash out front for a couple of days.

Duffy does really well on a leash.

He comes when he is called. He sits well on command and we are working on shaking hands (and he is coming along really well there, too!). He also understands that when we come in or leave he is not to charge the door and is doing well with stay!

He is a bit vocal and plays endlessly with toys. He also has turned into a nice little snuggler. He loves to sit on my lap and really enjoys the tummy rubs.