Buckley [ADOPTED AUGUST 9] is a 4-5 year old, silver buff male with quality show breeding behind him. He was in an Illinois shelter with no microchip and very shaggy so we will never really know his story until he came to rescue. He sure cleaned up nice!

Buckley has a sweet temperment, loves cats and ALL people in general. Buckley loves to shop for his own squeeky toys at the pet store and to go for walks at the park. He does well with most dogs, others he takes awhile to warm up to. He has a high energy level and loves to fetch and play catch with his squeeky balls and toys. Buckley is picky about his treats and does not appear to like chewies or bones. Buckley is a smart boy - he appears to know sit and lay down. He does not like to be crated, but will after some initial noise about it. Buckley is not being crated in his current foster home as he knows how to behave, can be trusted and is housetrained. He likes to sleep belly up with his feet in the air. Buckley would be an excellent candidate for obedience class to show everyone just how smart he really is and also so he can learn to trust his people and spend quality time with them. He is very devoted and adores attention.