Britney [ADPOPTED SEPTEMBER 19] is a 3 to 4 year old parti color female who has gone through some rough times in her young life. Relinquished to an animal shelter for unknown reasons, she was adopted and thought she had found her forever home. Earlier this summer, however, drivers witnessed a woman throw Britney out of a car. Fortunately she was not injured but did need some medical attention for issues caused by neglect. According to the vet clinic where she was brought, witnesses provided information that led to the arrest (yeah!!!) of this unbelievably cruel and heartless woman.

Britney has been in her foster home since July 27th and her foster mom has yet to see any negative behavior. She is a playful, happy little girl with a cute mild underbite that occasionally causes some comical facial expressions. This little pup quickly bonds with her people and jumps for joy when they return home. Since she is housetrained, she has free run of the house during the day and can be easily coaxed into her crate at night. Although she enjoys going for walks, she is very content being at home with her people. She gets along well with her cocker foster brother and sister but wishes they would share some of her excitement and playful behavior.