Manhattan [ADOPTED MARCH 7] is a wonderful, 8-year-old boy who came to rescue when his mom had to deploy to Iraq. His mom dearly loves this boy and tried so hard to keep him. She's been deployed several times in the past but for a much shorter timeframes. She was able to find someone who would care for him while she was away. This time, she would be deployed for over a year and couldn't find any one willing to keep him for that long. She turned to rescue because she was afraid that if he went to a shelter, he would be euthanized just because of his age. At least now as she leaves to serve her country, she will know that Manhattan will be with people who will love him and properly care for him.

Manhattan does have a cataract in one eye and has had ear ablation preformed. He does see and hear just fine. He has only been in rescue a very short time but is friendly with everyone, appears to be housetrained and does not like being crated. He loves playing with stuffed toys and a squeaky ball and will retrieve them, bring them back to you and plop them on your lap. He's very happy just being near his foster mom and following her all over. His bio will be updated as we get to know him better.