Lacie [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 22] is a ten-year-old female who came into rescue with Della. She was also dumped into an animal shelter by an uncaring relative of her breeder/owner who recently died of cancer. We at Shorewood Cocker rescue fell she deserves better than that. She is housetrained and crate trained. She does have dry eye and will require eye drops the rest of her life. We are also treating a minor ear infection. Lacie is just a sweet little girl who wants to be loved.

Update from Lacie and Della's Foster Mom:

Della and Lacie have been with me for a week now and things are going very well. They are very sweet little dogs. Lacie would do best in a home wanting a lap dog. She wants up on my lap anytime she sees me sitting down. She puts her paws on my chest and falls to sleep sitting up. Currently she is sleeping in my kitchen but I'm very sure that she would prefer sleeping in my bed with me. The clocks may have changed to daylight savings time, but their internal clocks have not adapted yet. They are getting up early wanting to go outside but come back ready to sleep for awhile again.