Lola's Puppies Page 2

It's so hard to believe that the puppies are 7 weeks old already. Carson, Lily, Collin and Haley have all figured out how to get up the step and onto the deck and chase their momma all over the deck now. They leap off the step and onto the grass below and find that to be great sport. They are running and pouncing all over the back yard. They love playing with each other and the "big" dogs. They've also discovered shoe laces this week and love to untie mine.

Lily in front, Carson behind her and Haley on the right resting after pulling on one of Trinket's toys that have to live outside. It wasn't even out of the dryer for 5 minutes before it was back outside.

Carson (left front), Lily (behind him), Haley (on the wall) and Collin (on the right) on their 7 week birthday.


Haley perched on the wall.

Hope playing with a toy in the playpen

Since I last updated, itís been extremely hectic for the Kent household with the Wigglebutt Walk so rapidly approaching and so much yet to do for that. We had to let our little Hope go to a much better place. I would have gladly done whatever it took to care for her forever. Over Labor Day weekend she started making a high pitched squeal periodically that made me believe that something inside was hurting her. I could not bear my tiny one being in pain. Tuesday the 2nd, I took her to see my vet again. I had to make the decision that no one ever wants to have to make. I was heartbroken and then totally lost for several days because I was just so used to the schedule to take care of everybody and now the one needing the most frequently care was no longer there. The photo of Hope on her Memorial Page was taken on her 8 week birthday and the photos on the adoption bio pages for her siblings and Momma were also taken on their 8 week birthdays. The puppies and Lola went up on the Available for Adoption Page as coming attractions because they were going to attend the Walk but need required vetting yet. The puppies are just too young for spay and neuters. Collin was showing interest in our doggy door and watching the ďbig dogsĒ come and go through that.. I knew it was only a matter of time before he tried and that he did.. He thought that was pretty slick to be able to go back inside without having to wait for someone to open the people door. As soon as he made that discovery, the others were quick to follow. At first it was like they thought that it was a one way door from outside to in, but have since discovered that it works both ways. Being able to get from outside to inside or vice versa is now like a game so leads to checking inside as well as out to corral them again. Interest in Adopting Lola and her puppies starting coming in immediately and Iím very happy to say that Lola has found a home that will be wonderful for her as soon as sheís ready to go. With the walk so close, things got very busy for everyone at SCR, so there will be more time now that the walk is over to check into applications for the puppies. Lola and her pups were a huge hit at my vetís office on the 5th were they all got checked over thoroughly and received distemper shots. They attended the walk on Saturday and were also a big hit there. They love being outside and meeting everyone really pooped them out, they slept all the way home without as much as a peep. They got a brief second wind when we got back home but after eating supper and going out to potty one last time for the night, they slept like angels all night. Lily climbed up the net walls of the playpen this morning and escaped it, so itís time to time to take the playpen down and use their crates more frequently now. My babies are growing up and way too fast.

These photos were taken at the walk. This is what being a puppy is all about... playing with your siblings. Haley and Collin hard at play.

Lily watching from a safe distance sitting in the doorway to the kennel.

Haley all tuckered out.. debating if she needs a rest by joining Lily in the kennel.

Carson resting with a friend.

Always time to take a break to get some human atttention.

Lola was spayed on September 8th and was placed in her forever home on September 20th. She joined Simon (Friskie071) as his new sister. The weeks that followed the walk, it was hard to get new photos of the puppies because everything was a blur. Camera just wasn't fast enough to keep up with them. They loved being outside and running all over the yard, leaping from the edge of the deck into a flower bed and off the step into the yard. Playing and chasing with each other and the "big dogs". They came on the run when called and back into the house. We had a boys dorm and girls dorm with crates and they were very quick to learn which they belonged in. They ran to their crates and went inside waiting for their treat and when it was time to eat ran and jumped into the bathtub waiting for their food. I fed them in the tub as it was easy to keep them together for feeding time and kept the "big dogs" from helping them eat their meals. The bath mat helped them keep their footing and it was easy to clean up by rinsing down with the hand held shower head. They also discovered that the bathtub was for getting bathes as well as meals. We did shopping trips to Petco, I put a towel down inside the cart and the puppies went shopping with me. They attended some rescue events and before we knew it, it was time for neuters and spays. All received their procedures on September 29th. They came home to now occupy separate crates. They had to be kept quiet and inactive to allow for incisions to heal. Quiet and inactive isn't easy for active puppies. Trips outside had to be one at a time and as soon as the crate door was opened, they had to check on their siblings in each of the other crates, then went to the "big dog's water" before going outside. Had to check on their siblings again before going back into their crates. It got a little loud as well as those in their crates yet cried and wanted out to play with their siblings. Lily and Collin were placed in their forever homes on October 11th, Carson was placed in his forever home on October 12th. Haley's placement had to be delayed due to an infection in part of her incision. She was placed in her forever home on October 18th.

I've been extremely blessed to have had Lola and all of her babies in my life. I've cherished every minute with them. They are all very much loved and greatly missed. Not an easy task to let any of them leave and totally impossible to pick between them to keep just one of them myself. All own a very special place in my heart that will always be theirs. I'm often asked how I can foster and let them go when the time comes. Look at all the happy faces in the photos of them with their new families. I have no doubts that they will all have wonderful lives!! I love them regardless if they live with me or not.

Lola now known as Amelia lives with her Dad, Paul, and brother Simon (Friskie071) in Chicago.

Carson with his Mom and Dad, Janice and Tyler, who will be getting married in just a couple of weeks. Carson now lives in Palentine, IL with a cocker sister named Abby and 2 kitties named Peanut and Theo.

Lily with her new Mom and Dad, Sally and Scott. Lily now lives in West Bend, WI. She has a human brother, Andy, a human sister, Jennifer who is attending college and a cocker sister named Molly.

Collin with his new Mom and Dad, Lynn and Tom. Collin now lives in Germantown, WI.

Haley, now known as Josie, is living in Rosemount, MN with her Mom, Wendi, and pug brother named Leo.