This tiny, gorgeous girl is Trinket [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 6]. Trinket is just a baby at 6 months of age and is sable colored. She was orginally purchased from a Pet Store and like so many puppies who are obtained this way by families on an impulse who haven't given much thought to owning a puppy, she was soon to find herself surrendered by that family to a shelter. It may not have seemed like it at the time but that was Trinket's Lucky Day. She was soon on her way to rescue and the begining of a much better life for her. She was anxious and nervous when we first got her but settled in very quickly.

This little girl is just a treasure! She's a very good puppy but is a puppy so needs a lot of patience and understanding. Also needs a lot of supervision and safe things to chew on. she is crate trained and appears to be housetrained. She is a very smart little girl and also a very loving girl. She loves playing with her foster brothers, Dickens071 and Riley and comes on the fly when you call her.