Nehls [ADOPTED JANUARY 1] is a very loving and adorable reddish buff male who is approximately one year old. He came to us from an Animal Shelter in Illinois. This little guy will need an experienced dog owner. His foster mom has been working with him on grooming issues and while grooming is still not his favorite thing, he has made so much progress in this area. He is also food aggressive and much work has gone into helping him overcome that as well. He does get along well with most other dogs as long as his supper isnít involved. He would to do the best with other dogs about his size or as an only dog.

Nehls is a very smart boy and knows all the basic obedience commands. He has taken Canine Good Citizenship class with his foster mom and did very well in his class. He would be a wonderful dog for continued Obedience, Rally O or Agility Training and Competition. He loves playing with the frizzbee, doesnít quite have the concept of catching it before it hits the ground yet. He also loves tennis balls, will retrieve them and bring them back to you to throw again. He can be a bit growly with some strangers (most often with men), but providing them with a few small treats to give him quickly overcomes that. He is totally housetrained and has free roam in his foster home and fenced in yard. He has a very long tongue and usually has a bit of it sticking out which really adds to his charm. Nehls is a lap dog and is very devoted to his foster mom. He does sleep at the foot of the human bed. He is a very happy boy and his tail is wagging constantly. He is a much loved boy in his foster home!!