This is Louie [ADOPTED MAY 5]. You may recall a big news story in this part of the state where several weeks ago, 27 dogs were seized and had been living in very small cages in a storage trailer. Louie was one of those 27 unfortunate dogs. His life up to the point of coming to rescue has not been a very happy one. Rescue has totally changed that for him and he is a very happy boy now who loves to be around people. He has made friends with all the dogs in his foster home, is crate trained and is not housetrained but working hard on that. He is probably best placed in a home without cats as they are something that he isn't used to, so he thinks it's great sport to chase them. Louie is 3 to 4 years old but looks and acts like a puppy. He came to rescue quite thin and is in the process of gaining a few needed pounds. Some type of obedience training would be of great benefit for this wonderful boy. What he really needs is the love that being part of a real family can bring.