Jay Jay [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 14] was a turn in to a shelter although the person turning him in was not his owner and was pretty vague about why he was bringing JayJay in. JayJay is thought to be between 1 and 2 years old, and is a small black Cocker. He is really adorable and is as sweet as can be. At first, he was a little shy with us. Now, however, he is a happy guy who seems to be very comfortable around us, our other foster dogs and our cats - he is also good with the kids in the neighborhood. JayJay had to be treated for whipworm we he came to rescue and we also discovered that his ears were badly infected. They are getting much better with treatment. His new owner will need to be very diligent about monitoring his ears.

JayJay loves his walks but thinks his job is to protect us from others who might be passing by. He is a fast learner, though, and is very responsive to training. He is housetrained but does not like to be in his crate. Now he sleeps on the floor next to our bed but makes no attempt to get on the bed. All in all, he is an adorable little guy who doesn't make any demands except to be with us.