Humphrey [ADOPTED MAY 27] is a very happy and loving 7 month old puppy. He came to us from an Animal Control Facility after being picked up twice in one week for roaming loose. He's a typical Cocker Puppy who loves to play and chew on his toys. He's been very good about only chewing on his toys and other safe items. He is crate trained and does sleep in his crate at night. He's a little vocal for a couple of minutes but settles down and is quiet the rest of the night after being told quiet or shhht.. He is also housetrained and gets along with all his foster brothers and sister; absolutely loves his people and being a lap dog. Humphrey is very skinny and his foster mom is trying to put some weight on him. He's looking for a forever family who will take him some type of obedience class and who will be patient with him for grooming as grooming seems to be a new experience for him since coming to rescue.

This photo is an update photo from Humphrey's forever home taken in 2009. He's known around his neighborhood as "Handsome Humphrey". He's such a very lucky and loved little guy!!