Harry [ADOPTED OCTOBER 21] came to us from a suburban animal control facility. He was a stray. Harry arrived with very little hair. He had bald patches and scabs all over his body. We tested his thyroid and found him to be very low. In addition we did allergy testing and found that he was allergic to a great many things. We were able to find a commercial dog food that did meet his needs and are currently working on regulating his thyroid levels. Harry is a sweet gentle dog. He is a loving dog who is housetrained and crate trained. His hair is growing back nicely. He will most likely be a deep chocolate color. Harry is estimated to be between 6 and 7 years old. His ears will have to be closely monitored.

This photo is of Harry071 now known as Happy on his birthday (one year ago today he was adopted). Notice the beautiful coat he now has. Happy Birthday Happy!!