Dominic [ADOPTED MARCH1] is a 2-3 year old, black male. Although he is at least 6-7 pounds overweight at 37 pounds, he still is a very handsome boy. Dominic does suffer from seasonal allergies but they can be controlled with an inexpensive over the counter drug. As with most Cockers his ears will have to be constantly monitored. He will do best in a home with Cocker experience. A high quality diet is a must.

Dominic loves to play with toys and will chase a ball all day long. He is an extremely loyal dog who will absolutely cling to his owner. For that reason it is important that he be in a home where he can have a lot of social interaction with other people. Dominic does not like cats.

He is housetrained and crate trained.

Update from Dominic's foster mom: Dominic continues to do well in his foster home. He gets along nicely with other dogs and loves people. Dominic is a beautiful dog whose pictures do not do him justice, as black dogs can be just so hard to photograph. His weight loss plan has worked and he is now at an ideal weight!

Dominic's ears look good now that he is on a high quality food, but monitoring his ears is something his new family will need to be diligent about. He would best be placed in a forever home without cats or other small animals.

Dominic still loves to play and is looking for a family that will take him to obedience class. He is just such a sweet boy and his foster mom describes him as a love.