Dickens [ADPOPTED OCTOBER 20] is a very happy 6 month old puppy who came to resuce after being picked up as a stray. How anyone could not reclaim this little guy is beyond me. He has a full undocked tail which is constantly wagging merrily. Dickens is all boy! He's very inquisitive and has to check everything out and views mud puddles as something fun to play in. He's also the typical puppy... loves to play with his 3 year old foster brother and 6 month old foster sister. That maybe a bit too much for an older pet already in your home or for one who doesn't like to play. Being a puppy he needs a lot of supervision, understanding, love and patience as well as rules to follow. He's very new to rescue and is now learning so much. He can not tell the difference between your shoe, an electircal cord or other unsafe items and he does chew, so will need plenty of safe things to chew on. He is working on his housetraining and doing very well so far, but will need continued work in his forever home with this. He just had his first hair cut and was a bit leery of the clippers and a bit squirmy but was a very good boy about it. He also just had what was probably his first bath. So many new experiences and he's taking them all in stride. He loves being told what a very good boy he is. He is a fabulous little guy and when full grown will not be much larger than he is right now. He is a lover and cuddler. Please remember that this is a puppy and he's full of puppy energy. If you looking for a couch potato, this is not the boy for you.