Cindy Lou071

Cindy Lou [ADOPTED AUGUST 18] is a very sweet, 5 year old female. Cindy Lou is an example of how we all should be as she gets along with everyone she meets whether they are people, other dogs, or cats. Cindy Lou recently had knee surgery and is recovering very well and is now to the point of building up her activity level. Cindy Lou responds very well to her name and will even look at you and smile. She's an adorable little girl who amazes everyone she meets with her gentle good nature, good looks, and loving ways. Cindy Lou does not seem to play with toys and is not possessive of toys or treats. Cindy Lou loves cuddle time with her people and does not jump up onto furniture. Cindy Lou is housebroken and cratetrained and is also trained to eat in her crate. When Cindy looks at you with her adoring look and beautiful smile you know it's all worth it.