Bridget [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 10] is a petite female who came into rescue looking like an abandoned waif. Fortunately for her, the shelter director realized that this little duckling would be a swan. Bridget had a cherry eye, eye infections and an extremely sparse coat. It was obvious she was allergic to something. We took care of her eyes and put her on a high quality diet. Her condition improved immediately but still there was constant scratching. After running allergy tests we were able to find what our little girl was allergic to. She is allergic to some ingredients found in dog foods, but fortunately we found that she will do very well on one of the foods that is readily available in pet stores. She is also allergic to the pollen from box elder trees.

She still has some patchiness on her back but we feel confident that will grow back. She also has hair loss on her back side. This could have been caused by sitting on cement in a kennel. Since she was a stray. it is impossible to know. It is likely that she had a litter of pups at one time.

Bridget is a sweet dog and loves humans but can be a little feisty with other dogs. She would probably do best as the only dog or with a submissive male. She learned to use the doggy door in her foster home almost immediately but may need some reinforcement on her housetraining in a new home. She is approximately three years old.

Update: As you can see from the new photos of Bridget, eating a premium grade of dog food over some time and a lot of TLC does make a huge difference. Bridget's hair has all grown back in and is a very shiny and velvety black. Her eyes just sparkle! She no longer has to spend all her time scratching and now concentrates on being such a sweetheart of a girl.