Baci [ADOPTED DECEMBER 10] is a very sweet 6 year old male who came to us from an inner city shelter. Baci is a wonderful gentleman with a very loving and outstanding temperament who is so deserving of a great home. We are not sure how anyone could have let a dog like Baci go as hes quite the catch!

Baci is on a quest to be more physically fit and has been watching what he eats. He will need a home that will continue to help him with that because as with many cockers and other dogs, Baci would eat everything in sight given the opportunity. Baci has a moderate activity level and enjoys going for walks and playing in the yard. Baci gets along well with other dogs and will sleep nicely on his bed on the floor at night, although his first choice would probably be to sleep on the people bed!

Baci knows a few commands, such as shake (he can shake with either of his front paws), lay down, and sit. Baci likes to lay at his masters feet when they are sitting down and is willing to either warm your feet or be a footstool! Baci is housebroken, crate trained, rides well in the car, is good for grooming (he does like to look as handsome as possible), and knows how to use a doggie door! Baci loves attention and if you are petting him and stop he will take his paw and tap you as if to remind you that you were supposed to be petting him. Baci would benefit from someone who will work with him on heeling at his masters side while on a leash, and/or working with him to walk with a Gentle Leader as he is a strong fellow!

Baci does have cataracts, however they do not bother him and he can still see just fine