Abner [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 2] is an approximately 6 month old male who came to us from Illinois. Abner was very skinny when he first came into rescue and has been happily putting weight on in his foster home. We are proud to report he's now up to 17 pounds! Abner is a longer cocker and will probably always look thin. The vet feels that Abner will be at his max weight at about 20lbs so he'll be a little boy even when he's all grown up!

Abner likes to play with squeaky, rope, and rattle toys and will happily entertain himself for hours. Because Abner is a young boy he does need a home that will provide him with appropriate items to chew on because as with any puppy, he will chew on inappropriate items given the opportunity. So far he hasn't gone after shoes, but you never know! Abner knows how to sit on command,and we feel that he would be an excellent candidate for obedience school as he has such a strong desire to please and he is very, very smart. Abner was the first dog to master the new doggie door in his foster home. Abner also walks extremely well on a leash so he'd like to go to a forever home that will take him on long walks to enjoy the outdoors. Abner gets along great with other dogs (there are 4 others in his foster home) and loves cats.

Abner is crate trained and is working on his housetraining. Abner has an excellent temperament and whomever adopts him should consider themselves very, very lucky. A boy as cute and well behaved as Abner won't be around long. We do ask that Abner's name not be changed as he's gone through a lot of changes and that may confuse him.