Mr. Wiggles061

Mr. Wiggles [ADOPTED JULY 29] is a dog who was dealt several cruel blows in a very short time. His beloved master died. He waited by her chair for four months hoping she would return. What a loyal and loving companion he was. He then went to live with her daughter. He did not last. She felt her schedule was too busy and she did not have time for him. He also did some Cocker things like eat Kleenex and get in the garbage. He was destined to go to an animal shelter. Fortunately the shelter was full and recommended rescue. At the age of seven he would have little chance of ever making it out of that shelter. No one would have ever know what a sweet wonderful dog he is. He is housetrained but cannot be expected to wait ten to twelve hours to be let out. He is good with all other animals and loves to play ball. He is not real good at dropping it at your feet but I imagine that it has been a while since someone actually played with him.