Sadie [ADOPTED JULY 13] a 4 year old buff female, who came to rescue as a private surrender. She is a very loving and obedient girl who thrives on being told what a good girl she is and being rubbed under the chin. Sadie is a very mellow and laid back type of dog. We feel that she would do best in a home as an only dog or with another non-dominant dog. Sadie's foster mom is working with her about being leery of grooming and she's making so much progress! Her new owner will have to commit to continue working with her on this by combing her out several times a week to prevent snarls. Sadie does not like having her hair pulled so for that reason, we are recommending an adult home for her. She's one of many dogs who are not fond of having their feet groomed and we are working on that as well. Sadie is very devoted to her people and likes to be where they are. She is an awesome traveler and is house trained. No need to crate Sadie as she doesn't get into or bother anything. She's just starting to develop interest in plush toys and does like tennis balls. Sadie is a such a sweetheart and very much loved in her foster home!