Honey [ADOPTED DECEMBER 24] is a 10 year old buff female who was found running the streets of Illinois. She's a very sweet girl who just melts when she is petted. She was very skinny when she was found and was in rescue for quite awhile before we could get her to gain enough weight to have her teeth cleaned and her vetting done. Honey is now up to 20 pounds but does still have some more weight to gain. She loves to wear pretty doggie sweaters and walks well on a lead. We are not sure how Honey wound up on the streets, but she's a lucky girl to be in rescue now. She has no health problems associated with her weight or her age. She is working on her crate training and housetraining. She gets along very well with other dogs or cats. She's very non-confrontational.

Update from Honey's foster home, 12/27/04: Honey seems to be housebroken and crate trained. She continues to not bark at all. She walks beautifully on a lead and enjoys the dog park. She is putting on weight and is starting to look great! She's a beautiful dog who is ready for her forever home. She'll make a nice addition to anyone's home. She loves her dog sweater, it makes her look so stylish!

Update 8/29/05: Honey is now at her ideal weight and is doing very well. We had hoped to have her model her Brett Farve jersey in her new picture but with her weight gain it was a little snug. Honey does not understand why she has not found her forever home. Although she can't wear her jersey any more she is still waitng to find a home where she can lay on the couch and watch Brett and the Packers. If the right family comes along she is willing to watch the Bears or the Vikings. She is housetrained but promises only to ask to go out during half time.