Hi! I'm Brewster and I'm 11 months old! [ADOPTED OCTOBER 30] I love to play with all of my toys and the other animals in my foster home. I love the other Cocker here since he'll play with me, but I really love to play with the cats. I hope my forever home will have cats or a dog for me to play with. My foster mom told me to write that I'm neutered, current on vaccinations, and heartworm negative. She says I'm cute too! I'm not vain, but I think I agree! I wound up in this wonderful place because I was abused in my former home by the children. My foster mom says I shouldn't go to a home with kids under 14 because I have a hard time trusting them. This contraption called a bicycle amazes me, it is odd to see it rushing down the street. So I bark at bikes, but it's because I don't understand how it goes! I will try to protect my people when we are out on a walk and bark at people going past. My foster mom (who I love) says I should meet strangers outside the house on neutral territory. I'd really love it if my forever home would take me to dog school because I look at my foster brother and I'm pretty sure that's why he's so smart! I want to be smart just like him and my foster mom says I am smart but should go to school to perfect what I already know and to build on that. I can sit on command, take treats nicely (she gives me these things that are all natural and taste so good, I LOVE them!) and I can stay for 5 seconds! I'm also housebroken! She says that I am such a good boy even though I'm active. I walk nicely on a leash too and boy oh boy would I love to have a forever home! I'm active, but I'd love you so much! That's my friend Gus that I'm playing with in the picture!