Tanner [ADOPTED MAY 22] is an 11 month old buff male who came to us from a private party. He is neutered and up to date on shots. Here is an update for Tanner's foster mom, He played with his empty soda bottle that has treats inside for about 40 minutes. Tanner follows me everywhere, jumps on my bed and lays there looking like the king! He is so silly. He sleeps with me and either sprawls out on the other side of the king size bed or comes & puts his head on my pillow right next to my head. He went on my morning walk with me this morning & played with the leash in his mouth almost the whole time (told you he is silly). He is the most awesome boy; no accidents, obeys commands, stays in the yard & runs around with the other dogs. He is eating very well too. He is really much happier than he looks in that picture.

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