Shaunasey [ADOPTED APRIL 6] is a buff, field coated, two to three year old male who was recently neutered, microchipped and updated on his shots. He came to us from the shelter in the Chicago area where he was picked up as a stray He is in good weight for his size at 21 pounds. He gets along well with other dogs and did fine for grooming. He will make someone a nice companion.

Update from Shaunasey's New Family, April 2003: "To you and your wonderful staff......THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! We have had Shaunney a whole year as of tomorrow - he is an absolute delight and he and his adopted brother Midnight (half cocker, half wire haired fox terrier) are the best of buddies. Shaunney is definitely a mom's boy - he is like my shadow - a real devoted little guy. His personality has just blossomed this last year - he started out real quiet and timid and is now outgoing and playful. We hope in the future to be able to adopt another "boy" but in the meantime wish you and Cocker Rescue much success."

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