Sammy [ADOPTED JUNE 29] is a 3 year old male. He was surrendered by a single mother with a 7 year old daughter. She said they love him very much, but are never home. Sam is a very loving dog, great with kids, other animals and adults. He will do some submissive wetting and he will dig if he is left outside alone. He is a brown nosed buff with sable highlights and came from a Chocolate breeding. He is current on his shots and is neutered. A very spunky, alert Cocker, Sammy enjoys walking around the house with a tennis ball in his mouth. He is also a "snuggler" and is crate-trained. He enjoys watching Tuesday night TV on any available lap and gets along very well with our other Cocker and German Shepherd. He has not shown any signs of aggression when lined up at the food trough with the other dogs or with his favorite tennis ball. He likes to go for walks and likes to play fetch with our 8 year old son. We think he will make a great pet for any household and will be greatly missed by his foster family.

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