Sammy [ADOPTED JANUARY 5] is a three year old buff/white male who was surrendered by his family due to financial and housing problems. He gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. He enjoys riding in the car and is a snuggle bug. He has a bit of a lame walk due to an apparent broken leg at one time and went through a period of extreme neglect about a year ago at which point, he nearly starved to death while being left for an undetermined period of time in a crate. He was taken to the vet when the problem was discovered by a previous owner and the vet found he was emaciated, and near death from starvation. He also was covered in feces and urine and it would seem that he was in his crate for perhaps a month or longer without food and very likely water. His rear, left leg had been broken at least once. Not sure if he was kicked, beaten or hit by a car. This wonderful dog has endured so much in his short life. To know Sammy is to love him.