Rico [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 16] is a black male Cocker cross, who was recently neutered. He came to us from a from a private party with his two littermates and his mother, Buffy. While Buffy (see her on the page) is a cocker, the puppies are going to be bigger than she is. We do not know what they might be mixed with. They may be nothing like a cocker when they grow up. They are not much like a cocker now. The puppies will be ten weeks old (February 8), and are ready to go early in February. The puppies are all microchipped and current on puppy shots.

Rico is a fraidy cat and a mama's boy. If he runs into any trouble with the other dogs, he runs to me or Mom for comfort. He likes to hide his face when he is frightened and will cry and cry if another dog snaps at him. He gives great hugs and hides his face in your neck. A great snuggler and the lap dog of the group. He will sit with me all night if I let him. He likes to play with his sisters and is the most adventurous of the group.