Maxwell [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 16 ALONG WITH HIS COMPANION, WINNIE] is a chocolate, eleven year old male who is loving and gentle. He can be trusted with children of all ages, but due to his age, we will be seeking a home without young children who may not understand his need for rest. He has a history of chewing on things he shouldn't chew on if left unsupervised, and of having housetraining accidents. He will therefore require a home that is comfortable with crating him when no one is available to supervise him. Max is a heavily coated dog who will require clipping at least every 8 weeks. He is up to date on shots and has been on heartworm preventative. He does need thyroid medication daily. (This medication is very inexpensive) He will be medically evaluated so will not be immediately available.

UPDATE: A T3 and T4 were done and Max was found not to have any problem with his thyroid. He came to us following the death of his owner who adored him, along with his companion, Winnie. Obviously, we would like to place them together but we realize this may not be possible. We also realize, Max may never get a home due to his age, and special considerations, but for his sake, we will hope for the best.

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