Maggie [ADOPTIED AUGUST 10] is a 5 year old happy, buff/white Cocker Beagle mix?, who came to rescue two days prior to giving birth to five healthy puppies. She needed a lot of help to deliver the puppies and was a very lucky girl to be somewhere safe with someone to help her. She has a wonderful temperament and will be fully vetted as soon as it is safe for her to be spayed. More information as we get to know her.

UPDATE: We've learned more about Maggie. She is heartworm positive and was shot in the head by someone. Lucky for her, the pellet did not penetrate her skull. The pellet was removed and we are treating her for heartworms. We knew she had a hard lump between her eyes, but never imagined that she had been shot. Life will be better for Maggie now!! She has been spayed.