Jackie [ADOPTED JUNE 30] is a black female who is estimated to be about 12 months old, according to the shelter who sent her to us. She appears to be about 3/4 cocker but may have another breed mixed in. She has a significant underbite and a little shorter ears than a purebred. She is a little longer in the body, but not much. She is field coated, and not much feathering. She will need very little grooming. She is very good in the crate and great in the tub. She ate all of her food when she first arrived and is basically a cute dog!! Housebreaking looks good. She is a great with people but very dog aggressive. For this reason, we will require a fenced yard and and a family without young children. Again, she loves all people, but would not want a child in a situation where she got at another dog.