Griffin [ADOPTED JUNE 29] is a black, six year old male who is neutered, heartworm tested, up to date on shots and microchipped. He is a longer bodied, field coated spaniel who looks a lot like Sussex Spaniel. We believe he may be a Sussex/Field Spaniel/Cocker mix. He will be available at a reduced fee. He came to us from a private shelter in Illinois where he was picked up as a stray. He has a very good temperament and likes other dogs. We are evaluating him for housetraining and he does well if he gets out often enough. He does provide one major challenge however; He suffers from separation anxiety. He would do best with a family that did not leave him out in the yard alone and instead went out with him or took him for longs walks each day on a flexi leash. He just loves people and wants to be where you are. He is very skilled at getting out of a fenced yard, if left out alone for long periods. He does not run away however; just tries to get back in the house if that is where you are. You will just find him barking at the front door. He needs a family with someone home that he can hang out with. He is just the sweetest boy.

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