Gracie [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 9] is a 6 year old, buff female who originally came to us totally blind from a shelter in Wisconsin Rapids. She must have been a kennel dog as her coat was worn off the back of her making it appear that she had spent most of her short life on concrete. She was found as a stray in spite of being totally blind. I picked her up one day and made arrangments for her to see an opthamologist in the Chicago area. She had cataract removal surgery and could see for a couple of days and then developed Glaucoma and went blind again. Devastation set in for me and I am sure for her too. To make a very long story short, she had the eye removed and got a prosthetic eye put in. We then removed the cataract on the other eye to see if once again, she would be able to see. BINGO, she has been a seeing dog since then. She was adopted and has lived with the same family for the past four years but due to extended work days in excess of ten hours per day, Gracie has lived much of her life in a crate. She deserves to have a better opportunity to enjoy the things there are to see in the world. She is very friendly and loves everyone but still can do a bit of excited wetting. She also needs some additional training on her housetraining due to being crated so much. She used to do a lot of happy barking but has since been debarked so now has a much quieter bark. She gets along well with other dogs and we are seeking a life long home for our Amazing Grace this time around.