Gizmo [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 30] is an eight month old, (cute as a button) black male Cockapoo or Cocker/lhasa or Cocker/shih tzu cross who was surrendered by a commercial breeder without an explanation. We believe he was a left over puppy from a previous litter and mom probably has 8 week old puppies available again so he was surrendered. He gets along well with other dogs but we are seeking a home without children as he is timid and submissive. We feel children who run and play and make noise, will make him more timid and submissive. He is happy as a lark once you are holding him and petting him but he is fearful of being picked up by strangers. He is not a fear biter however and I think he will do fine with an adult household. He is now neutered and current on shots and is seeking a forever home. A fenced yard is highly desirable for this boy as he is not lead trained yet. He is a "designer" bred dog.

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